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Homecoming is one of the best times of the year. ACE works with the Center for Student Engagement on providing opportunities for student organizations to participate in homecoming. These events range from Chalk Ped Walkway, a Banner competition, and many others. This year, we partnered with the gentlemen of Beta Theta Pi! 


All Sing is one of the three ACE Cup events. It is a group singing competition where groups will include excerpts from famous movies, musicals genres, and other musical selections based on an overarching theme. This spring we were awarded first place! We are thankful for the most dedicated coach, Emily DeWit and Katherine Balas for winning best female soloist two years in a row. 



Carnicus is a University of Tennessee tradition we are honored to continue every year. We are paired with a different sorority or fraternity every year, and perform in a skit perforation competition, where groups will create a skit based on an overarching theme. It is an extremely fun event that many of our sisters look forward to every year.




As Delta Zetas, our goal is for each member to be involved with at least one other campus organization.  We have members participating, and leading in SGA, the University of Tennessee Cheer and Dance Team, Panhellenic Council, Order of Omega, Diamond Vols, BOSS Dance Company, and more!

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