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Dear potential new members,

Welcome to the Delta Zeta chapter at the University of Tennessee. I am so honored to serve the Beta Lambda chapter of Delta Zeta as Vice President of Membership. Congratulations on making the decision to potentially become a part of this amazing Panhellenic community. Being in a sorority here at the University Tennessee goes so much further than you can imagine. Not only do you find some of your forever friends, you have the ability to grow out of your comfort zone surrounded by so many supporting women. You cultivate leadership skills, give back to the community, and learn lifelong lessons that will help you to exceed outside of your collegiate life. Having my sisters and the Panhellenic community to lean on throughout my collegiate years is something I will forever be grateful for.

Becoming a part of a sorority may bring upon many nerves or confusing feelings, I know that I felt just that going into recruitment. Now, I am beyond grateful to have gone through recruitment and to be a part of Delta Zeta. Choosing Delta Zeta

A letter from our VP


made. Within my time with Delta Zeta thus far, I have already found relationships with so many women that consistently push me to be the best version of myself. I have developed leadership values, a sense of self-identity and a love for the amazing women of not only Delta Zeta but the Panhellenic community. This chapter has given me an abundance of extraordinary memories to hold on to throughout my time here at Tennessee and my entire life.

Delta Zeta is a chapter full of strong, independent and loving women who work everyday to encourage their sisters to be the best version of themselves. We strive to support, motivate and appreciate each and every sister day by day. Beta Lambda is so excited to meet everyone and share about what it truly means to be a Delta Zeta. We wish you the best of luck during recruitment and during your time here at the University of Tennessee!

Emily Schwartz
Vice President of Membership

was hands down one of the best decisions I have ever


"Electric Love "

BID DAY 2022

Primary Recruitment

At the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, panhellenic sororities offer many opportunities for membership throughout the year. Primary recruitment takes place at the beginning of the Fall semester. Students not interested or unable to participate in Primary Recruitment may also have opportunities throughout the fall and spring semesters to join a Panhellenic organization through the Continuous Open Bidding (COB) process.

Further information is available at 

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