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May I give graciously of what is mine...

Our philanthropy and passion as Delta Zeta sisters is Speech and Hearing.  Nationally we support Starkey Hearing Foundation, SeriousFun Network, American Society for Deaf Children.  Locally we support the Tennessee School for the Deaf and the UT department of Audiology and Speech Pathology.  Each year we host fall and spring fundraising events to raise money to support these incredible organizations.  This school year we raised over $44,000 to support our philanthropic partners.


Service is another big part of our Philanthropy focus.  Throughout the year, we offer our members multiple opportunities to serve the UT and Knoxville communities.  We have participated in numerous philanthropy "mixers", and participate in other Greek organization's fundraisers.


Touchdown for TSD


Hoops for Hearing

Spring Semester 2023: “Hoops for Hearing”

Every spring semester we host our annual Hoops For Hearing fundraising event to support both our national and local philanthropies.


Fraternities in the IFC, MSC, and NPHC are invited to compete in a 5v5 basketball tournament coached by the women of Delta Zeta.


Prizes are given out to the winning team, as well as the team that receives the most donations at the end of the event.


Along with "Hoops for Hearing", we are having a percentage night at Cruze farms and raising money through Crowdchange with “Dare a DZ”!

"Cheesy with DZ"

The women of Delta Zeta presented our annual "Cheesy with DZ" fundraiser, an event inviting others to a cheese filled dinner in support of Hearing and Speech through our partnership organizations: The Starkey Hearing Foundation, American Society for the Deaf Children, SeriousFUN Children's Network, and the Tennessee School for the Deaf. We raised just over $17,960 of our $7,500 goal!


Fall Philanthropy Week 2022: 

Dedicating a whole week to philanthropy is one enticing way for the women of Delta Zeta to give back to our national and local philanthropies.


DZ hosted Percentage Days at Blenz Bowls, where a percentage of the proceeds of items purchased are donated to our philanthropies.


We educated students of UTK on protecting their hearing and headphone use by partnering with the Audiology Department on campus and NSSLHA to pass out info cards on PedWalkway.


"Touchdown for TSD" is one of our favorite events, where we invite several greek organizations on campus in an all night long flag football tournament.

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